Opposition Leader Concerned About Budget


Leader of the Opposition Hon. Ronnie Skelton announced that he is very concerned that the upcoming election is close to the date by which the next Territorial budget is to be passed; and this can result in constitutional issues. 

The concerns about the budget were mentioned by Hon. Skelton during his contribution to the debate of the Bill entitled, “Elections (Amendment) Act, 2019”. Mr. Skelton told his colleagues that he worried about the constitutional situation that may arise.

In stressing the seriousness of the matter Hon. Skelton told the House of Assembly “I see us heading headlong into a constitutional crisis.”

The Leader of the Opposition explained that it is known that Elections 2019 must be held by 16 April, but he also noted that the budget must be passed by 30 April: “Any date for election must give any government who is coming into office at least eight weeks to put a budget in place for this country,” Hon. Skelton said.