Opposition Leader Comments About Sickout At Peebles


Leader of the Opposition and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie announced that the sickout that was staged by health care providers at Peebles Hospital from Monday this week comes at that time when the BVIHSA is trying to rebuild itself.

It was reported on 20 February that more than 10 healthcare workers employed at Peebles Hospital reported “sick” in protest to what was described as unfair compensation. The practitioners who were participating in the protest reportedly stayed on location at the hospital in order to assist if necessary, but made their position known.

The situation attracted response from various sections of the community, among which was Hon. Fahie who at the time was away from the Territory but nonetheless issued a statement to the media on the matter.

In his statement the Opposition Leader explained that he was not aware of the details surrounding the sick out but noted that he wished that the matter would be resolved in an amicable manner.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fahie also mentioned the recent removal of the Chairman of the BVIHSA Board and noted that the reported sick out is also another blow to the organization: “I must add that I publicly questioned the legality of how the matter with the removal of the immediate past Chairman of the BVIHSA Board was handled. As a result of the aforementioned, this current situation among others at the BVIHSA has come at a time when the BVIHSA and by extension the Territory is in an unstable and compromised position.”

“The laws are there to guide governments on the right way to carry out the affairs of the country. Failure of any government to act within the confines of the law puts that country down a slippery slope. Hence, the questionable actions of the government in the high-handed manner that the Chairman of the BVIHSA was removed has put the BVIHSA down a slippery slope with the entire Territory paying heavily at this time for the government’s actions. Unfortunately, these actions were a result of their anger at someone who respectfully exercised their democratic rights in voicing their opinion on a recent government’s decision,” Hon. Fahie added.

He also announced that it was important and urgent that the government tried to step in to resolve the current issues that the BVIHSA faces in the best interest of all.