Opening of New Peebles Hospital set for 17 December


In his budget address on 17 November, Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. Orlando Smith confirmed that the new Peebles Hospital is slated to open on 17 December of this year, and that the opening will be followed by the full transfer of clinical services to this new facility by the end of the year.

“The new hospital will soon be officially opened to the public. It is a project that bears the imprint of both the former Government and my Government. It is a costly project, both in its capital investment of over one hundred million dollars, as well as its projected recurrent operational costs of over forty million (40) dollars annually.”


He added: “We are making sure that our citizens enjoy world class health facilities and treatment in the new hospital.”

The opening of the new hospital is eagerly anticipated, and Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon.Ronnie Skelton while announcing the date on 3 October during  the NDP Radio program said that he hopes there are no further setbacks to cause a date change.

Meanwhile the Health Minister mentioned that other needed equipment is expected to arrive soon: “The imaging equipment which is the CAT scan machine, the MRI machine, the mammogram machines, the X-ray machines; we are trying to ensure that they get here, and are installed before that date also,” Minister Skelton stated.