One Love tame Rebels, 2-0 in first Football action of 2023 | Island Sun

One Love tame Rebels, 2-0 in first Football action of 2023

One Love’s Guillaume Parkins, left, prepares to kick the ball ahead of the Rebels’ Curtley Peters 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

One Love tamed the Rebels 2-0 on Sunday, in the resumption of BVI Football Association Men’s National League play in Greenland, after two other games were forfeited.

The Rebels’ Phil DaSilva gave One Love a 1-0 advantage in added time of the first half, when he scored an own goal. Then in the 63rd Chavaughn Williams fired home a shot that gave One Love the 2-0 victory and the three points that came with it. The Rebels had their chances at goal, but their shots didn’t connect with the net.

“At first we didn’t want to play it because of the officiating system that’s going on, but the guys decided they wanted to play it so I said ‘gentlemen, it’s in your court’ and they did,” Coach Mark Savage told Island Sun Sports of the 2019 league champs. “They went out there and were victorious for us tonight. We played very well. Haven’t been training for a while, but we kept the ball as much as we could, executed what we wanted in the back of the net, so a very good win for One Love tonight.”

Savage said Rebels is a ‘very good team’ but they’re not training either and fatigue may have been a factor for them but his squad kept it on top and came out victorious.

“I must give the MVP to my keeper (Devon “Short Man’ Letteen Jr), he has improved 100%,” Savage noted. “Chavaughn Williams with the second goal, Traviilta Francis, those guys contributed very much to the team today. Collin Lavia stood up for us today because our wingback was away, so he stood up for us in the backline today—a very, very good player—even though we didn’t train today, we came out and did it hard tonight and we came out victorious.”

After scoring the winner and later being substituted, Williams said it was ‘a brilliant game’ for One Love.

“We stuck to the task, they came with a bit of pressure, but we knew how to hold the pressure. We haven’t been training for the last two months. We know how to put in the work when it comes to football,” he said. “We knocked the ball around, cooled us down a bit and then put away the chances. We created a lot of chances, took the time and just put them away.”

Williams noted that Rebels didn’t have it together in the middle of the pitch, which allowed him and Francis to connect on passes, through balls and they made use of the passes. “It’s a really good victory for One Love,” he noted. “We’re three points away from first place with Sugar Boys and we’re coming to them with everything right now.”

It was the Rebels second successive loss to a top team, after traveling to Virgin Gorda and losing to defending champs and league leaders, Sugar Boys, 2-1, to end the Christmas break and Coach Latoya Sue, said wasn’t the restart she expected.

“No, no, not like this,” she said. “We just weren’t finishing. The guys played, but just weren’t finishing—back to the drawing board.”

Sue said her team had good chances but the result they had wasn’t supposed to be but it’s something they have to work on—especially having successive losses. “Yeah, but the race is not for the swift, we’re going to bounce back, the race isn’t for the swift,” she reiterated, noting that they have to fix their composure and finish. “Everything else is good.”

She said that her team’s shot attempts  ‘wasn’t bad’ and rated it as ’50-50’ but it wasn’t ‘accurate enough.’ “It wasn’t satisfying,” Sue stated. “They just need a bit more pace—they don’t put pace on the ball—if they had pace on the ball, it would have been accurate, but, as I said before, back to the drawing board.’