One Detained, Three Released As Homicide Inquiries Continue  


Friday, December 19 – One male remains in custody while two males and a female were discharged as inquiries continue in the murder of Paul Prentice.

Officers from the RVIPF Major Crime Team supported by the Firearms Tactical Unit have arrested the four after an operation early Thursdaymorning. Searches of properties during the operation have uncovered a firearm and ammunition.

At the time, the officer leading the investigation Detective Chief Inspector Kath Adams noted her appreciation to those members of the public who are providing witness reports to the police and she continues to appeal for assistance from other persons who were in the area on Sunday evening at the time of the shooting.

“We thank the members of the public who have already come forward to help solve this violent and shocking crime but still seek the assistance of other persons who, we know, were in the area at the time. This crime was shocking because it was committed on a busy Sunday evening in the middle of Road Town in full view of families with children enjoying their evening at the nearby ice cream parlour. Pedestrians were also walking through town and congregations were leaving the church when the incident happened. It was fortunate that no other person was injured as a result of the actions of the gunman,” she said.

Major Crime detectives are making an appeal to those persons who were in and around Waterfront Drive/Main Street area about 7:15pm on Sunday, 14 December and who think they saw something to come forward. No matter how insignificant this information may seem, it could be the piece of the puzzle needed to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.