One Charged As A Result Of Drug Seizure


Friday, March 17 – Police have charged Deron Walters, 29, of Fat Hogs Bay with unlawful possession of cocaine, unlawful possession of cocaine with intent to supply, unlawful possession of marijuana and resisting arrest after a search of his vehicle in Baughers Bay yesterday morning uncovered a quality of cocaine.

Officers confiscated 14 blocks of cocaine from the vehicle with a street value of 1.5 million.

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews noted that officers were simply on patrol before making this successful find.

“It is the extra efforts of my officers that brought about this discovery since they were just on patrol in the area when the suspect was met and questioned. He became verbally abusive and as a result, he and his vehicle were searched. I commend the officers for their diligence,” he said.

Investigations are ongoing in the matter.