Oh Look Who’s Talking: Hon. Delores Christopher Says


Fifth District Representative, Hon. Delores Christopher said that the actions of the last Administration do not match the call for financial prudence that is being made by the Opposition now.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on 13 March during her contribution to a Motion for Government to borrow $16M from the Social Security Board, Hon. Christopher announced that some of the comments that are being made by the Opposition irk her.

In illustrating her point, Hon. Christopher cited various actions by the previous administration. She said: “You had the Biwater, drag race study, medical school study, Sea Cows Bay project; one after the other we can name them. There was no tender, but all of a sudden everything has changed. It’s amazing how our Opposition now knows all the things that need to be done in the Territory that they didn’t know when they were there.”

The Fifth District Representative said that the Opposition noted things that needed to be done in the Territory, but she stated that many of the things listed were in need of attention during the previous administration. Moreover, the Fifth District Representative took offence to the insinuation that Government was embarking on certain projects because of elections: “It ain’t a need that just pop up….You are being warned about the eve of elections; as the school children would say, look who is talking. Many contracts were signed in the morning before elections— Oh help us.”

“It irks me a bit to hear the Opposition every now and again – why you borrowing $16M, it could be $6M. Well this is not your administration. Maybe that is why the roads are still in the condition they are in because some attention should have been given to them earlier on but was not,” Hon. Christopher added.