Npt Steps Up Plant Conservation Efforts


Linda Varlack, the Acting Director of the National Parks Trust (NPT) announced that another facet of plant conservation will be embarked upon at the Botanical Garden in collaboration with Kew Gardens in the UK.

At a press conference on 17 June, Ms. Varlack explained that the National Parks Trust has been building systems and capacity to monitor and conserve Virgin Islands flora for quite some time.  In fact, the Acting Director stated that working with plants and vegetation at the Botanical Garden is the Trust’s key illustration of the role and work that is being done.

In noting some of the achievements that have been made in the plant conservation effort, Ms. Varlack said: “We have been able to establish a nursery and a conservation garden that features plants that are distinct, native and even endemic to the Virgin Islands. That is growing and we are again making more strides, because in our past projects we have focused on the vegetation, and being able to map them.”

“This particular project is about building our capacity… We are investing now in our people so that they can invest in the growth and conservation of these plants that we have; that are unique to us and are important to us both environmentally, biologically, and culturally in some instances as well,” she added.