Not All Is Well: Opposition Leader Says


Leader of the Opposition, and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser said that all is not well in the Territory and that there are matters of concern to be addressed.

The Opposition Leader made his comment during his holiday message to the Territory. In his Christmas address, Hon. Fraser said: “Since my broadcast of last Christmas our Territory has gone through a General Election and has seen fit to re-elect the National Democrat Party to office with an even bigger mandate than last.”

“The general takeaway is that all is well and the desire of the people was to leave well enough alone; but is this really true?”

In response to his open question, Hon. Fraser cited concerns about the National Health Insurance (NHI) and water shortage that he says has residents concerned.

“When considering the imposition of an unpopular National Health Insurance Scheme expected to come on stream 1 January…the continued rationing of water resulting in the nuisance of supply inconvenience;  constant pressure from the United Kingdom Government for the establishment of a Beneficial Ownership Register, which is predicted by the experts to have grave consequences on our Financial Services Industry,” was his line-up of serious problems.