More Non-Belongers Holding Key Positions


Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith said that succession planning will be key to ensure that Virgin Islanders are in a position to hold key positions in the Civil Service. The BVI Leader also admitted that he was concerned that key government posts have recently been filled by non-belongers.

“I am concerned yes, that we are not at the point where we have the capacity to fill all these positions. But I am also satisfied that we are making progress and that we are really engaged in succession planning so that we will be able to have persons ready to fill the positions when they become vacant,” Premier Smith told reporters during a press conference on Monday 18 July.

In stressing that succession planning will be key to remedying the situation, Hon. Smith said: “In the BVI, what have been speaking about for a long time is succession planning, that of course we have to ensure that as time goes by, BV Islanders will be more prepared to be in a position where they are not now prepared.”

“Remember for example, in the case of the judiciary, there is a committee which is made up of local persons and the Chief Justice, who make the selection based on the availability of persons qualified…They make recommendations to the Governor, who usually takes the advice from that committee,” the Premier added.

The recently filled positions referred to include the appointment of UK national Kim Hollis, QC as the new Director of Public Prosecution. This year’s arrival of UK national Mr. Michael Matthews as the new Commissioner of Police; and the previous appointment of UK national Mr. David Foot as Head of Her Majesty’s Prison.