No Jail Time For Solomon


Kelvin Solomon, 27, the Dominican Republic man who threatened a witness (VC) because of his testimony during a high court trial was sentenced by Magistrate Dr. Velon John on 14 May to keep the peace for 18 months or spend 6 months in prison.

Solomon was charged with abusive and threatening language, as well as disorderly conduct. He was accused of threatening a witness in the presence of court officers because the  witness did not give into his request to abstain from testifying.

Solomon pleaded guilty and his Attorney, Patrick Thompson, told the court that his client regretted what he did and was apologetic.

It was stated that on Wednesday 12 December, 2012 at 2:20 pm the matter of Danny Benjamin was being examined at the Supreme Court. It was announced that the verdict was given and some members of the jury had exited the court. The defendant was observed entering the yard and it was stated that he attempted to ask the jurors who were sitting on the bench what had happened with the case because he was late. However, no discussion was held with the defendant by the jurors.

The defendant got angry and proceeded to the back stairs leading up to the Court House. At the top of the stairs was the bailiff, two court staff members and the VC (Virtual Complainant)  who was at the time in a conversation with the bailiff. During the conversation the two men heard a loud voice and when they looked towards the bottom of the stairs they saw the Solomon shouting and cursing in Spanish and English. They couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Solomon made his way up the stairs. When he got to the top the defendant said to the VC: “You little mother s<@#t, you little punk didn’t I tell you do not go to court and do not go to the case, to drop it, now you my brother-in-law going to jail, watch ya back.”

The defendant then advanced towards where the bailiff and the VC were at that time, but two court officers opened the door and the VC ran into the Court House. The bailiff then demanded that the defendant leave the court premise. At the time the VC was in the Court Room and made a report of what happened. The VC also reported the statement made to him on the stairs. The defendant told him on a previous occasion to drop the case.

Inspector Jordan met the defendant on January 8 and conducted an interview during which Solomon denied the allegation.

On 13 December 2012 Justice Redhead sentenced Benjamin to 10 years imprisonment.  Benjamin was found guilty by the jury for the offences of wounding and wounding with intent.