No interest shown in serving on BVI Softball Association executive

On Jan 31, Neville "Sheep" Smith resigned as president of the BVI Softball Association. He has helped the Hurricanes, Power Outage, Roots and several other teams to the BVISA title.

On Jan 31, Neville “Sheep” Smith resigned as president of the BVI Softball Association. He has helped the Hurricanes, Power Outage, Roots and several other teams to the BVISA title.

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Everyone wants to play, but no one wants to administrate. That’s the position that the BVI Softball Association finds itself in, for a sport that has been active since 1952.

The latest attempt to elect an executive body on Monday night got nowhere, as only one of five nominees was present and just three persons besides the executive committee members even bothered to show up. In the end, it led frustrated general secretary Marieta Flax-Headley to say ‘we can’t let it just die.’

“The main item on the agenda was General Elections followed by a discussion on what’s to come in terms of a team traveling to the Bahamas and in terms of opening a league for this year—that was supposed to be the meeting last night—the meeting that didn’t happen,” stated Flax-Headley on Tuesday morning, noting to have any sort of meeting they need to have a quorum. “We needed to have voting members—managers, coaches, players, the various teams from the last league—and it didn’t happen. “We had all of the outgoing executives except the president who resigned. Glenford “Chappy” Maduro was the acting president and we were all there and three other persons were at the meeting so or course, we couldn’t go anywhere.”

The executive committee met last Thursday following the Jan 31 resignation of president Neville “Sheep” Smith and set elections for Monday as there were several pressing issues. Flax-Headley said persons have been calling asking about the league and there were nominations sent in by persons who expressed an interest in being on the executive, but in the end only one showed up.

“I had five nominations. I don’t know if there were plans to nominate persons who were already on the body,” she explained. “The president is gone so that for sure was a vacancy and I myself have indicated in the past that I have no need to go on in the executive body. I will go on yes, in another capacity. We were ready to go forward with whoever came.”

She noted of the five nominees, only one was not a player. “You had to actually have persons there to put them forward,” she pointed out. “But, there was no one there.”

When asked what’s next, Flax-Headley took a deep sigh then stated that it was a loaded question, one she didn’t think she could answer. The plan she pointed out is going ahead with getting the league opened on April 12—a date established during Thursday’s executive meeting. After speaking with the acting president, she indicated that they will try to call another election and finding a way going about doing it, but in the interim, the are still putting things in place.

“We can’t let it just die—we want to see the sport continue,” she insisted. “So the plans are in place to open a league in April, because the national team should be traveling on March 24-30. When they get back, they’ll have two weeks to get organized. Team rosters are due on March 12—one month before the league should open. We are still in crisis, but the body that’s there won’t let it die,” she added. “We will try to continue. But, we would like persons who loves softball—persons who have been sidelines to come forward now and help us build the sport—that’s what we are looking for.”

The 2015 league Flax-Headley revealed with be named in honor of long serving  secretary Juliette Penn, whom she say they felt ‘should be given her honor while she is able to receive it.’