No Galaxy On Airplanes Or In The Mail


Regional airline LIAT, which offers various daily flights from Beef Island has announced that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices will not be allowed on board its aircrafts.
LIAT stated that the ban, which took immediate effect last week was issued by the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) and is for all air carriers.
As part of its enforcement efforts the airline said that passengers carrying the device will not even be allowed to fly: “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices will NOT be permitted in checked or carry-on baggage and may not be carried on-board any LIAT Flight. Customers travelling with these devices will not be permitted to travel,” LIAT announced.
The BVI Post Office also enacted a similar immediate ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In a recent announcement Postmistress General, Ms. Pascha Stout announced that the post office will not be shipping any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices.
Ms. Stout further announced that the Government of the Virgin Islands through the BVI Post will not be held liable for any losses, damages or seizures of these devices by persons who fail to comply with the newly imposed restriction.
The ban which went into immediate effect came as a result of the device being recently classified as a fire hazard; as such the Postmistress General said that the decision was made to maintain compliance with the Federal Aviation Authority in the United States and the country’s Department of Transport’s institutional.