No Apologies, Says Hon. Parsons

Former Deputy Chief Minister Eileene L. Parsons

Former Deputy Chief Minister Eileene L. Parsons

Former Legislator, and NDP Member, Hon. Eileene L. Parsons announced that there would be no apologies coming from her regarding the expletive that she allegedly uttered to Opposition Member and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie.

The rumor about what happened between Hon. Parsons and Hon. Fahie arose after various media reported that Hon. Parsons uttered profanity while Hon. Fahie attempted to greet her at the opening of Farmers Week on 30 January.

The matter once reported riled the community up with persons even calling the NDP radio program on 2 February to get Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith’s opinion on the story.

As the subject was being discussed on the Speak Out BVI radio program on 3 February, Hon. Parsons called in to put the matter to rest and give her side of the story. Former Legislator and first female Deputy Chief Minister said that she was perplexed that what was in her view a private exchange of words was garnering such public attention: “Let me clear up what all of a sudden has become a cause…All of a sudden BV Islanders are — I don’t want to say holy,” she announced.

In recounting what took place, Hon. Parsons said: “I was sitting there with some other people… The Gentleman (Hon. Fahie) came, he bent down, he said softly –‘I want to say good morning to my cousin’. I responded softly, what I said — nobody heard! The person sitting next to me didn’t hear what he said; didn’t hear what I said, just the two of us.”

Hon. Parsons said that she was surprised to hear the conversation in the media and she went on to state that the matter was placed in the news for certain reasons: “There were no reporters around, and who ever put it on (media) did it seeking sympathy, or seeking to make trouble… Since when is it breaking news to tell someone a bad word. Since when?! We are not little children, I am not…they are going on like the Queen’s crown has been stolen. These are crazy people, these are crazy people you know to take this and be blowing it out of total proportion. Two adults had a little ruru, and nobody heard,” she stated.

The Former Legislator commented to the show’s host, Mr. Doug Wheatley: “Let me ask you something, when in the name of whoever, it has become something to go to Jane for to cuss a bad work in the BVI. The smallest child is doing it. I am not above those who are able to say what I have to say. I have been blessed with the intelligence that I can use words to calm a storm, and I can use words to build a fire that the water in Mariana Trench can’t out. I have been blessed with an English tongue and I am not Queen Elizabeth.”

It was suggested that Ms. Parsons’ utterance was made because she was upset that Hon. Fahie referred to the NDP Government, of which she is part, as the most corrupt in modern history in his 24 January District report. She said: “He just came and said let me say good morning to my cousin and I responded. I responded how I did as I am a part of the corrupt Government…”

“Honest to God nobody heard what he said—‘I want to say good morning to my cousin’. Nobody heard my response ‘get the so, so, so out ma face’. What in the name of God is wrong with that — Get out my face.”

Hon. Parsons noted some trending international issues that she indicated were more important: “With all the things happening in the world…People getting put in cages and burnt to death, so many children abducted… the measles rampant in the United States, the worst it has been in so many hundred years and nobody is saying anything.”

As it relates to the call for an apology, Hon. Parsons said that she does not intend to make one: “Whoever is stupid to say I must apologize they don’t know me. They honestly don’t know me,” she declared.

The NDP member further suggested that she has no hard feelings against Hon. Fahie as is being suggested by some members of the public: “It was no anger or anything…If I was angry at that young man I would not have chosen that arena to say what I had to say. I would have waited until a meeting by himself, and I tell you it would have been ding dong.”

However, Hon. Parsons said that she still felt the need to make her feelings and disapproval of certain Opposition comments known. She also announced that she was declaring war, but hesitated to say on who or what: “I am sorry, it’s just they (Opposition) feel that they can say what they want about you, because they are on the other side, and you must not respond. This has to stop. I am not angry with him. I will meet him tomorrow. I have decided I don’t want them (Opposition) tell me howdy, I don’t want them ask me how I do, because they are no doctors. As far as I am concerned, I have declared war. I am part of the most corrupt Government in history.”

She also took a swipe at the fact that there were multiple discussions on the matter. She said: “Ayo do not keep putting fire to something that needs no fire, and something that you all do not know. The talking season has begun and everybody out looking a lil rooster, and this is not what some of them going to get. I hope I have cleared it up, as I said nobody heard… If I was outside when he said what he said I would have answered him, and I tell you all hell would have break loose.”