Nicolosi Fends Off Duff To Retain The Bvi Dinghy Championships Crown

15th BVI Dinghy Championships Fleet winners

15th BVI Dinghy Championships Fleet winners

BY Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

When the BVI’s Rayne Duff tied St. Thomas’ Mia Nicolosi at 10-10 on Sunday morning in the 15th BVI Dinghy Championships after she ended Saturday with a two points 6-8 edge over Duff, she showed that she wasn’t about to give up the title.

A determined Nicolosi erected two more picket fences—her sixth in 11 starts—to regain the lead, before fending off Duff who won the last race of the competition for a one point 14-15 victory. By winning, Nicolosi secured her third successive win over Duff on his home soil, including September’s Back to School Regatta.

“It was a hard competition,” said Nicolosi who last year became the first girl to win and this year the first girl to repeat. “Some of the races were really close except for some he’d have a lead. I had been working on pinning starts the whole week so that was basically my goal—to see if I could get my start right with a lot of people—to get ready for the International Optimist Regatta in St. Thomas, so, that’s what I was working on here.”

Duff said it was a really, really tough competition. “For me, it felt like whoever made the lest mistakes won,” he stated. “It was a battle of whoever could get in front first and keeping it, that’s how I felt.”

Nicolosi said it’s a good feeling winning the regatta again. “Last year, it was a surprise for me to win because I had never beaten Rayne or Teddy (her brother) before so it was a boost in confidence,” she pointed out. “So, it’s definitely nice to win again.”

While St. Croix’s Mathieu Dale sat comfortably in second, he had a bad ninth race but held off St. Thomas’ Julian van den Driessche, to finish third by a point, 54-55. Jose Arturo Diaz of Puerto Rico, was fifth with 57.

Event coordinator Tamson Rand said it was an ‘absolutely fabulous event. “It’s been and amazing weekend,’’ she said. “Great sailing. Great competitors, great friends, it was really, really good. We ended up with 73 boats and that was the biggest we’d ever seen here at the regatta—especially the Green Fleet—there were over 30 sailors which is enormous.”

Nicolosi also won the Triple Crown with 34 points while Duff was second with 43 and Mathieu Dale, third with 142.3.

Final Results Optimist Championships: Red Fleet

  1. Rayne Duff (IVB) – 2nd Overall
  2. Mathieu Dale (St Croix) – 3rd Overall
  3. Julian van den Driessche (St Thomas) – 4th Overall

Blue Fleet

  1. Mia Nicolosi (St Thomas) – 1st Overall
  2. Nathan Haycraft (IVB) – 8th Overall
  3. Caroline Sibilly (St Thomas) – 9th Overall

White Fleet

  1. Max van den Driessche (St Thomas) – 18th Overall
  2. Ryan Lettsome (IVB) – 22nd Overall
  3. Lola Kohl (St Croix) – 25th Overall

Optimist Green Fleet

  1. Tanner Krygsveld (St Thomas)
  2. Andy Yu (St Thomas)
  3. Jose Guillermo Diaz (Puerto Rico)
  4. Samuel Allen (IVB)
  5. Alejo Di Blasi (St Thomas)

Open Bic

  1. Nici Haycraft (IVB)
  2. Isaac Sutherland-Pilch (IVB)
  3. Felix Thorp (IVB)


  1. Danny Petrovic (IVB)
  2. Mark van den Driessche (St Thomas)
  3. Colin Rathbun (IVB)

Laser Radial

  1. Thad Lettsome (IVB)
  2. Sam Morrell (IVB)
  3. Ethan Hanley (St Croix)

Laser 4.7

  1. Taylor Hasson (St Croix)


  1. Ted Reshetiloff (IVB) – Intac
  2. Eddie Brockbank (IVB) – Black Pearl
  3. Bob Phillips (IVB) – Roosta