NHI Card Is Valid As An Id: Hon Skelton Says


A number banks in the Territory, as well as Government agencies such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are not accepting the Government issued National Health Insurance card, and both residents and the Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie Skelton are unhappy about the matter.

As recently as 20 March, a resident noted this issue on the BVI Community Board Forum. In fact, Minister Skelton also announced that he is aware and displeased that the card is being shunned. His announcement was made in the House of Assembly on 1 March.

Hon. Skelton explained to his colleagues that a resident informed him that she tried to use her NHI card at a bank as a form of identification, but was told she could not: “She gave them the NHI card and they said that is not an identification card. How is that possible? That is a better identification card than a driver’s licence and a social security card because everybody in the country got to have one of those. That is a national identification card,” Mr. Skelton  said.

Hon. Skelton noted that he does not understand why the card is not being accepted and explained that in his opinion the NHI card meets requirements to be considered a valid identification form as it is a photo card that is issued by the Government.

“Madam Speaker, something is wrong. I don’t understand. This is a government issued card, your picture is on it, your date of birth, your everything on it. But how can we fix this?” Hon. Skelton asked. Nonetheless he also mentioned that he has been trying to get a better understanding of the denial of the card.