New VIP Chairman believes in a Vibrant Opposition


After emerging victorious at the Virgin Islands Party’s internal elections as the new Chairman, Hon. Julian Fraser announced that he is now more than just a District Representative, and represents the entire Territory.

In his address to the VIP congress after being elected, Hon. Fraser announced: “People talk about me being a District person and I only concentrate on my district, but I will do for this Territory whatever I have been doing for my District.”

In emphasizing the fact that he is now donning a territorial hat, Hon. Fraser stated that there will be equal interest in every part of the British Virgin Islands under his leadership: “It means that I am the leader of the Territory and it means that the entire Territory gets the same treatment from Jost Van Dyke to Anegada. And you can take that to the bank,” he said.

The Virgin Islands Party is the Opposition Party in the Territory, and Hon. Fraser said that he understands the importance of the Opposition to any Government. In making that point he alluded to a conversation that he had with former Party Chairman, Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal and said: “I remember you [Hon. O’ Neal] telling me while in Government that never wish anything for the Opposition that you do not wish for yourself and I realize what you meant when I got into Opposition, and I will fight for equal rights for every member whether in Opposition or Government side. No Government can function properly if there is not a vibrant Opposition.”

Hon. Fraser vowed to continue to do his job as an Opposition Member, and ask questions in the House of Assembly, and announced: “When you hear people complain about me asking questions or putting the Speaker in her place as far as the Standing Orders are concerned, that is my job. If I can’t do my job the way I feel it should be done, or if I am advised differently, then I should stay home. And as long as my people, it used to be the people from the Third, now it’s everybody, send me there, then that is what I am going to do.”