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New Traffic Routing To Deflate Traffic Congestion In Road Town


Plans to address the traffic situation in the capital Road Town have not been halted by the current pandemic as Minister for Transportation, Works and Utilities Hon. Kye Rymer on 1 May announced another phase in the effort to ease the city’s congestion.

This new phase which includes a new Road Town Traffic Turnaround plan was simulated at the event last week and according to Hon. Rymer the plan is an effective measure that will see the rerouting of traffic using the existing road network.  “This new measure, as we are now in the ‘New Regular’ as simulated, will be effective.  As we have shown you how it will work,” the Minister told the gathering.

According to Hon. Rymer the plan aims to improve traffic conditions simply by rerouting traffic through Road Town, by converting Waterfront Drive and DeCastro Street into two-lane roads going in one direction, on both roads.

In touting the new initiative the Minister said that he envisions this working in tandem with other measures to make Road Town more pedestrian friendly.  In selling the positives of the plan Hon. Rymer declared: “Through education campaigns, we will inform motorists of the new traffic flow.  This project requires minimal funding, and it will offer a nondestructive solution, meaning no significant alterations, if any, to the roads.”

He further mentioned that this initiative will couple with previously announced plans to transform the Festival Ground into public parking and the utilization of a shuttle service: “The rerouting is only but one phase of this project: We will have paid parking lots within the Road Town area, add an additional lane going westbound coming out of Admin drive onto Waterfront drive to support vehicle capacity, enabling traffic flow towards the western part of Tortola. Free parking at the festival grounds, to accommodate up to 270 vehicles; and free shuttle service from the Festival grounds into Road Town,” he added.

The first part of the Road Town traffic decongestion plan commenced last year when the  Park and Ride shuttle service commenced on 16 December.