New Sewer Pipelines to alleviate old Problem


On Tuesday 20 May Government signed a contract for $1,313,833 with Gene Hodge Backoe, Bulldozer & Trucking Co. Ltd. to install a new main line as part of the Road Town sewerage works.

The contract is part of the ongoing stride to rid the Territory of the sewerage blues. The scope of work includes the installation of sewer pipelines between the main pump station at the Road Town roundabout to Nibbs Street at the Cutlass Tower and is expected to be completed in less than three months.

In his remarks at the signing, Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool explained that the sewerage issue did not start overnight and has been plaguing the Territory for some time now: “As a Government, we inherited the sewage problem that has plagued this Territory for many years. But we are determined to make significant progress to remedy this problem of raw sewage running through the streets, creating an unsanitary situation for residents and visitors,” he stated.

The Minister announced that the situation has been alleviated and pointed out that the situation of running sewerage in certain areas of Road Town no longer exists: “Obviously, this is because our Government moved swiftly to repair the Road Town pump station as a temporary fix and took on some other remedial works.”