New principal of ESHS to enforce discipline


Newly appointed Principal of the Elmore Stoutt High School, Sandy Underhill announced that she wants to change the public’s perception of the school at the General Assembly that was held on 10 September for the new school year.
The Principal announced that changing of the perception of the school is just one of the goals that she has set and announced that others include establishing school pride and strengthening academic school programmes by ensuring quality educational leadership.
The new Principal said that she plans to re-establish and enforce the school’s discipline code of conduct as a means to promote a safe and secured campus. Additionally Ms. Underhill stated that the school will be establishing routines and rituals of assembly, discipline, detention and emergency. Furthermore, she declared that the High School will be more service orientated school, service based and custom focus with an understanding that the school’s customers are internal and external-teachers, students and the wider community.
In expanding on her point about creating a customer focused high school the Principal declared: “Service is one of the main drivers of the 21st century; and we the administrative team of Elmore Stoutt High School believe in this service. We understand that this service is not about us, personal agendas and gains; but rather it is about the community that we serve…We understand that your success depends greatly on our leadership and our commitment to the vision and mission of the Ministry of Education and the Elmore Stoutt High School.”
Ms. Underhill told the assembly that they must model characteristics of trust, integrity, honesty and must model leadership of excellence. She also said that for her, learning does not only take place in the classroom but everywhere, and that she takes the responsibility as Principal very seriously. The new Principal added that the job is not about her, her degrees and what she has accomplished but the service that she is charged with providing to students, staff and wider community.
“It’s a service that must have at its very core and foundation one simple ingredient, a resource that does not cost a dime but is invaluable and that ingredient is love. As educators we must love our profession, school, students, and we must love the wider community we serve and in addition to love we must believe that all children no matter, color, class, disposition of learning abilities, each one deserves equal opportunity to education,” the Principal added.
Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn also spoke at the assembly: “I had to come by, to say to you that your new principal Ms Sandy Harrigan Underhill has my full support as Minister of Education and Culture in her new role. I am asking teachers, students, parents and wider community to support the school and support the initiatives of the school. Education is one of those things that is too important for us to play it.”
The Minister admonished the teachers to be respectful to students, and mentioned that he has been receiving complaints about the attitude displayed by some teachers. “…They (students) complain to me sometimes about the manner in which teachers speak to them and I said to them that respect goes both ways, students must respect teachers and teachers must also respect students…We must be careful with what we say, how we express ourselves because if you start things off on the wrong foot it will end on the wrong foot…and if you are going to be disrespectful to students and then suspend them it does not seem right to me. The respect has to go both ways.”