New Peebles Hospital Welcomes First Baby For 2015

Leslie-Ann Sam and Baby

Leslie-Ann Sam and Baby

Thursday, January 1 – The Women and Children Services Unit is happy to announce that the first baby for 2015 was born this morning at 9:17am weighting 6 pounds 8 ounces. The mother, Ms. Leslie-Ann Sam has three very important persons in her life sharing the same birthday on 1st January. The baby girl born today, her first son was born on 1st January 2005 and the baby’s father also celebrates his birthday today.
Ms. Sam stated, “I felt like I was in the states [USA] and because of the wonderful treatment by my nurses, I must say my experience was very good and I got through the long labour very well because of them.” The Women and Children Services’ Nurse Manager, Ms. Heather Barnett indicated that the delivery was completed by Nurse Sandrine Phipps with assistance from Nurses Lisa Joseph and Rhonette Fraser.
She expressed that “The new Peebles Hospital provides for more efficiency, comfort and joy” and added, “With the birth of every baby, we are delighted, and to welcome new life into the state-of-the-art facility is an extra blessing all the nurses are grateful for.”

The Women and Children Services Unit offers gynecology, prenatal care and neonatal intensive care services. The British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority wishes the new mom and her family, and the entire community a happy and blessed New Year and commits to delivering, excellent, compassionate, client-centered healthcare to the residents and visitors of the Virgin Islands.