New Peebles Hospital to Open Before Christmas


December 17 has been selected as the tentative date for the opening of the new Peebles Hospital. The event is eagerly anticipated, and Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon.Ronnie Skelton while announcing the date on October 3 during NDP Radio said that he hopes there are no further setbacks to cause a date change.

Hon. Skelton said that the new hospital is equipped with beds, and he announced that the BVI Health Services Authority, and his Ministry are waiting the basic furnishing for the hospital.

Hon. Skelton confirmed that the necessary arrangements to get the furnishing have been made and disclosed: “the suppliers have a lead time, but we are still trying to ensure that it gets here before the 17 (December).”

Meanwhile the Health Minister mentioned that other needed equipment is expected to arrive soon: “The imaging equipment which is the CAT scan machine, the MRI machine, the mammogram machines, the X-ray machines; we are trying to ensure that they get here, and are installed before that date also,” Minister Skelton stated.