New Peebles Hospital Annual Operational Costs Will Be Over $40MILLION


The new Peebles Hospital is fully functioning, Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith announced at a press briefing on 6 January.

In recalling the red letter day opening of the new facility the BVI Leader declared: “Last month history was made in our healthcare sector as our citizens can now enjoy state of the art healthcare facilities at the new Peebles Hospital. I am pleased that we have now transitioned fully with patients enjoying modern medical amenities.”

The announcement of full transition fulfills the Premier’s November 2014 promise that the facility would have been fully functional two weeks after its official opening. Dr. Smith made the promise in his budget address on 17 November.

In that address the Premier said that the new Peebles Hospital was going to be opened on 17 December, 2014, and that the opening was going to be followed immediately by the full transfer of clinical services to the new facility by the end of the year.

In referring to the new facility, Hon. Smith said: “It is a project that bears the imprint of both the former Government and my Government.  It is a costly project, both in its capital investment of over one hundred million dollars, as well as its projected recurrent operational costs of over forty million dollars annually ($40,000,000).” “We are making sure that our citizens enjoy world class health facilities and treatment in the new hospital.”