Major changes are coming to Road Town and once it has all been completed Minister for Transportation, Works and Utilities Hon. Kye Rymer said that the area “will look like the city is supposed to.”

One of the places within Road Town that has been subject to work and remedying is the vendors old market which is located opposite the Flow flagship store. In mentioning the plans for that area the Minister said that the proposal has been subjected to public approval.

The Minister while speaking on the show Honestly Speaking with Claude Skelton–Cline on 10 September 10 said: “We did some public consultation on that (marketplace) we are trying to revitalize, offer a different look within the city. That document we are waiting on pricing.”

In disclosing what some of the plans for the area include Hon. Rymer said: “Where the market square will become the hub for the bus terminal and we will have some kiosk where persons can still rent and offer different services.” Further the Minister said persons can use the kiosk to sell items such as craft.

The terminal would be a government owned entity that is in line with the plan to offer a bus service. Additionally, the Minister mentioned that the Festival Grounds will be converted to a free public parking space and that persons would be encouraged to utilize that space. Hon. Rymer said that the plans anticipate at least 270 parking spaces: “We are waiting on public works to finalize some drawings for the parking lot over where the festival grounds is,” Hon. Rymer disclosed.

The Minister stated that he is hoping to get those drawings back within a couple of weeks and then perhaps the project will be able to go out to tender. “I have seen the drawings, we are waiting actually on the drainage aspect of it and that is something that should be on my desk within the next couple of days or so,” Hon. Rymer said.

The Minister also explained that the parking plans will coexist with the festival activities that take place each year: “During those two weeks… in July/August the site would be used for the festival activities…It will be a free government parking,” Hon. Rymer said.

Once the parking space at the Festival grounds goes into use the Minister noted that paid parking within Road Town will be facilitated. “The plan for the city is for us to have paid parking. That would discourage you from coming to the city and parking – utilize the parking at the Festival Grounds. You will be paying for the parking that is there within the city,” he noted.

As it relates to parking enforcement the Minister said that the City Manager’s team will be tasked with that: “We can repurpose but we will need to hire some additional staff, because we must enforce and make sure that it works,” Hon. Rymer said.