New HIV / Aids Cases Reported


National HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health Programme (NAP) Coordinator Mrs. Noelene Levons Clarke disclosed last week that the Territory has three new reported cases of HIV. In making the disclosure the NAP Coordinator said: “…There were three newly reported cases from January to June, 2015. In total, the Virgin Islands reported a total of 120 cases of HIV since the start of the epidemic in 1985.”
In June of last year it was announced that the BVI had two new cases of HIV. At that time Mrs. Clarke stated: “For this year (2014) I would like to say that we have had two new cases of HIV, which is kind of reflective of last year. We started out very slow and then by the end of the year we had ten in comparison to the previous year which was five. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will not have the ten that we had last year hopefully it would be less.”
Between June 1985 and December 2007 the BVI had 68 known cases of HIV infections. It was stated that in 2008 the Territory had nine new cases, and that the number did not increase in 2009. In 2010, however there were seven new cases recorded, and six in 2011. In 2012 there were five new cases.
Up to December 2011, the Territory recorded 99 HIV/AIDS cases with 35 AIDS related deaths. The BVI has a 1.7% prevalence rate, which is high for a small population of approximately 30,000. This is compared to a prevalence rate of 1% for the entire Caribbean region. Previously there were approximately 60 persons living with HIV in the Territory, but records at the Health Ministry shows only 27 persons accessing treatment at Peebles Hospital.