New Governor comments about Globalisation’s challenges and opportunities


Newly appointed Governor of the British Virgin Islands, John Duncan pledged on Friday 15 August to work with all stakeholders to take the Territory to the next level of development.

In his swearing-in speech the Queen’s Representative told the gathering of legislators, senior public servants and other stakeholder: “This is the commitment I bring to the role of Governor of the Virgin Islands to work together with your government and your elected representatives, with the support and commitment of the talented men and women of the public service to make the Virgin Islands a still better and fairer place – so that the citizens of this Territory have greater opportunities to reach their full potential.”

Her Majesty’s Representative in response to Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith’s call for support relating to issues affecting our financial services sector said: “The important role that the Virgin Islands play in the modern global economy as a well-regulated centre for financial services under English law, is not always well understood.”

The Governor explained that the misunderstanding is partially because of the global communications revolution, which brought nations from all over the globe together and created new ways of doing business to a degree few ever imagined. His Excellency stated that this communications revolution also provided greater scope for people to “question and call to account; whether it be how we meet our collective responsibility on climate change, or the need to regulate our businesses effectively.”

He added that governments and the public service need to acknowledge and respond to both the opportunities and the challenges this new environment brings.