As of Sunday 1 September items that are imported into the Territory via courier services such as Tortola Express/Aeropost will be subjected to new air cargo fees.

The disclosure about the new fees was made by Aeropost as a means to inform its customers about the additional cost that is expected to add to their import bill.

The company stated that these fees are provided for under the Airports (Fees and Charges) Order, 2019 that was gazetted on 6 February. It was noted that new payment requirement was approved by Cabinet during the previous administration.

In its 30 August announcement Tortola Express said that they have recently been notified that any package entering the territory by air transport would be subject to charges payable to the BVI Airports Authority.

The company further told its customers that these fees would be included to its charges for items entering the Territory: “We will be adding these fees to your package charges under the section for government fees,” the company noted.

Tortola Express also hinted at the effect such fees might have on air cargo service in the Territory and customer decision: “We recognize this may have an impact on your choice of using an air service. We’d like to remind you that we do offer a maritime service in addition to our air solution,” the company added.

These are the new Cargo Transfer Fees: Below 2 lbs …$1.00 * 2 lbs – 9.9 lbs …. $2.00 * 10 lbs – 19.99 lbs … $4.00 * 20 lbs – 49.99 lbs …$6.00 * 50 lbs – 99.99 lbs … $8.00 etc.