New Chairman, Commissioner in Fraser League Restructure


By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Julian Willock is no longer Chairman and Raja Smith is no longer the Commissioner of the Hon Julian Fraser Save the Seed Basketball League.

The restructuring notice was emailed to the media at 1:28 p.m. on Friday afternoon, less than six hours before the scheduled start of the reopening of the league.

A directive from the Directors/Founders Hon Julian Fraser and Bishop John I. Cline, is for the immediate restructuring of the League Committee. It called for both Willock and Smith to be relieved of their duties in their respective posts effective immediately and the post of Assistant Commissioner held by former BVI Basketball Federation president Byron J. Hodge to be made redundant.

In the interim, Mrs. Kharid Fraser—wife of Julian Fraser—will act as Chairperson and Derrick R. Varlack will act as Commissioner. They will hold the substantive post on the Committee of Deputy Chairperson-Mrs. Fraser and Deputy Commissioner-Mr. Varlack.

“The bottom line is that the Hon. Julian Fraser Save The Seed League, is much bigger than on one person. It’s much bigger than Julian Willock; it’s bigger than Raja Smith; it’s bigger then Bryon Hodge and we continue to serve at the pleasure of the directors,” Willock noted. “The league is founded by two directors. They have set up a committee to run, manage the day to day operations of the league. The fact of the matter is, we have a league to run and we want to finish it. Whatever the directors think is in the best interest of moving the goal posts forward in finishing the league to a successful conclusion, then I’m on board with that.”

Both Smith and Willock will remain on the committee while continuing to hold the titles of Commissioner and Chairman respectively, however, acting in different roles in a non-voting capacity. Willock will also take on the assignment of Public Relations Officer and Smith will be advisor to the League Committee and responsible for special events.

The By-Laws will be amended to reflect that; anyone who owns, manages, or coaches a basketball team cannot serve as the Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner of the League Committee. However, he/she may serve on the League Committee in some other capacity as a non-voting member.

During his 3-year tenure, Willock had been manager of the Bayside Blazers who won the 2014 title and Smith was manager of the Avengers. Last year, Bayside Blazers did not face the Avengers.