After a two year absence, in September this year the Territory will have a new telephone directory The decision to halt the printing of a telephone directory for the Territory since 2017 was made from regional company Yello.

It was explained that following hurricanes Irma and Maria and the displacement that resulted Yello made the decision to temporarily stop publication. Now the company is excited about the new telephone directory and shared the good news with customers at a social event that was held at the FLOW flagship store on 23 May.

In an interview with The Island Sun newspaper Carlyle Roberts, General Manager of Yello Media for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean announced that the company was pleased to resume production of the annual directory: “We didn’t have a Yello directory in the market last year and we wanted to make sure that we produce one this year…Part of the reason we did not have a directory is because a lot of the business community weren’t at a state or stage where they would have been able to advertise so we had to be mindful of that. We had to be sensitive to the times and the situation and what was going on,” he explained.

The event was aimed at strengthening the communications between FLOW, Yello, and the numerous business customers using their services.  In fact, the General Manager of Yello explained that he is confident that this is the right time to connect with these customers: “We wanted to have a customer engagement event, this is where we as Yello Media and our business partner FLOW get to interact with our customers…We believe that now is a good time, we believe that now is the right time,” he said.

It was explained that the telephone book might not be as thick as it was in past years. Nonetheless, it was stated that it is essential that there is a new telephone directory as it was stated that many businesses needed to be able to update their information because they might have changed location and/or phone number.

Acting Country Manager of FLOW BVI Ravindra Maywahlal pointed out that FLOW and Yello have had a partnership for some 20 years and that the two companies have a synergy: “A lot of their clients are also our clients, so it just made sense that we have a social gathering for our clients to let them know what products and services we have available,” he told The Island Sun.

Additionally, Mr. Maywahlal explained that the event presented an opportunity for FLOW to share information with its clients about the suite of business offerings it has. The Acting Country Manager stated that resilience is a major factor considered in its products and to this end there are “cloud based” offerings.