New Botanic Gardens planned for Josiah’s Bay


During the 2014 Arbor Day celebrations held on 28 November Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering announced that the plans to have a second Botanic Garden at Josiah’s Bay are still in the pipeline.

Minister Pickering spoke of the importance of planting trees and shared a personal story with the students at the event. Hon. Pickering told of how he planted a tree when he was a student like them and now he said that his children are fond of that very tree that adorns his yard.

The Minister in mentioning the plans for the Botanic Garden rehashed the idea of Josiah’s Bay being the location and stated that a piece of land was already identified for that initiative.

Mention of Josiah’s Bay being the location of the second Garden was made in December 2013 during a ceremony to launch the Darwin Initiative Project to map the BVI’s terrestrial ecosystems. During that event, Hon. Pickering declared: “The expansion of the gardens; that has to happen.”

He told the gathering: “I think it’s fair to say that the botanic gardens here have almost reached the limits of ability to expand. There is no land surrounding the area that even if you wanted to expand it locally you can’t do that. It’s time now to think outside the confines of where we are and just duplicate what is here now and then build on it…because I am familiar with Josiah’s Bay as an area and I think it would be an ideal spot to think of expanding a program like this…it doesn’t have to be [Josiah’s Bay], but just that this is an area I am familiar with.”

“Josiah’s Bay has the potential. There is already the beach and some activity with respect to cruise tourism and the ability to sell programs for visitors. Josiah’s Bay is one of those beaches that has been identified for tours so we can enhance the tour experience by putting something like the botanic gardens in what is already a tropical environment,” the Deputy Premier added.