Neighbourhood Officer Gives Gifts From The Heart


JAN-3-2015-POLICE-GIFTSAll it took was a few visits to the Rainbow Children’s Home in Lower Estate and the Autism Programme upstairs and Neighbourhood Officer Damien Ash says he became attached the children.

“I have grown to enjoy my regular stops to both the children’s home and the centre upstairs. I take that time to speak to them about respect, honesty, decency, conflict resolution and pride.”

He noted that he also takes time to listen to concerns the caretakers may have in relation to social or behavioural issues at the home and advise accordingly.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, before his patrol through the community, Constable Ash made a special stop to give out presents to the children in the Autism Programme.  “I saw many gifts under the tree for the children of home, but I saw none for the children in the Autism Programme, so I decided to give of my personal funds to purchase gifts for these children,” the officer said.

As the neighbourhood officer attached to Lower Estate/Huntums Ghut area, Constable Ash says that he continues to bring resolutions to issues affecting residents in the area from shared parking spaces to noisy neighbours, from the stealing of fruits from trees to derelict vehicles outside private premises. He notes that he does get the appreciation from those he assists however, nothing compares to the unbridled love and appreciation that comes from these children.

“It warms my heart to see a smile on these children’s faces. They are happy to see me every time I come. That’s enough to keep me coming back,” the Officer said.