Neglected Flag Raising Criticized By Minister Walwyn


Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn is unhappy with the lapse that has occurred with the school flag raising initiative. Hon. Walwyn, while speaking at the Education stakeholders briefing on 11 January, announced that the purpose of the initiative appears to have been lost as some schools have not made flag raising a daily activity.

“We’ve implemented a flag raising ceremony at most schools around the Territory, and will complete this at all schools by the end of the year. It is designed to teach our students, by their participation in the raising and lowering of our flags, a greater level of respect for this Territory and all that it stands for,” the Minister explained.

“However, as I drive around our islands to some of these schools, principals, the lesson is lost if we simply have a ceremony one day, and leave the flag, a symbol of our identity as Virgin Islanders up all night, to be beaten and tattered by mother nature.  I am asking you again to assign students to daily raise and lower our flags,” Hon. Walwyn stated.

The Education Minister reminded that the raising and lowering of the flags daily is a way of teaching students responsibility and respect.  “We teach them that the Virgin Islands is part of a larger world and as citizens, young or old, we have a commitment to ensuring that our country is represented well, even in the raising and the lowering of this national symbol,” he added.