Negative Impact of Outsourcing re-iterated


At a press conference on 20 May, Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith disclosed that the outsourcing matter that was first announced by Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn is being looked into.

Hon. Smith told reporters: “Many suggestions have been made by members of the business community which are been looked at by the unit within the Ministry of Finance. When that is completed, we will have a more definitive answer.”

Albeit outsourcing has become an accepted global practice, concerns about the system being practiced in various sectors of the local employment sphere was lamented on twice by Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Walwyn.

Last year the Minister told the House of Assembly that he is still very concerned about the practice: “I spoke about job leaving going to Sri Lanka and those places, I remain concerned about it. I fervently believe that when you operate in a country, and in a community, there are some obligations that come along with that. Yes we know you went into business for profit generation, but we cannot expect that you would come to the Virgin Islands set up shop and benefit from all that has been done by successive governments to keep the industry vibrant; you suck what you could suck you dish out what you can and then dismiss our people.”

The issue Hon. Walwyn said is a vexing one: “It does not sound right to me, it doesn’t rest right in my spirit. Yes I understand it is happening globally, but it says to me that if the grass was greener someplace else you would pack up shop and leave us.”

“It is a serious thing happening in financial services and it is happening in the legal sphere. You have attorneys who come here, get called to the bar and go to Timbuktu and represent themselves as BVI lawyers. Wherever they are, they are not hiring anyone, not renting any property and not paying any payroll, but you are practicing BVI law outside of any regulation. So you can be in Timbuktu do some foolishness and affect the good reputation of the BVI that we have worked so hard to build.”