NDP & VIP Candidates: Skelton-Cline Sees Double Standards


The fact that at least two of the candidates that were listed as At Large runners for the National Democratic Party in the next general elections hold public office was described as “curious”; as it was mentioned that named Virgin Islands Party candidates in similar positions were pressed to retire or leave similar posts.

The naming of Speaker of the House Hon. Ingrid Moses, Businessman and Chairman of the Festival and Fairs Committee, Trefor Grant as well as Principal of the Elmore Stoutt High School Sandy Underhill as NDP At Large candidates was disclosed on September 11 in a media report and since then there as has been cries of foul.

Quite interestingly, the allegation that what is good for the goose may not be applied to the gander as talk show host Claude Skelton-Cline declared that persons who are in public service jobs and were named as VIP candidates were scrutinized. He therefore publicly pondered if the same would be applied to the NDP candidates.

Skelton-Cline said that according to the news report and other sources it was confirmed that of the persons that have been named as NDP At Large candidates at least two of those persons will fall under General Orders.

In alluding to ethics disparity, the talk show host stated that some of the candidates that were listed as District candidates for the Virgin Islands Party were cautioned after their intention to run for political office was made known.

“We do know that letters were sent to those persons who were confirmed and announced on the VIP side, and their resignations and/or retirement has ensued; so it is curious now that the current Speaker of the House is on that list,” he said.

In commenting about the candidates he was most concerned about, Skelton-Cline said: “It is curious now that the Principal of the Elmore Stoutt High School is on that list. It is curious now that the member of the Board, many may not know – that would be Trefor Grant sits on the Board of the BVI Ports Authority,” he disclosed.

The VIP District candidates included Director of Culture, Luce Hodge-Smith, Commissioner for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Kye Rymer; and member of the Public Service Commission, John Samuel. However, Skelton-Cline said that these persons were spoken to about their intentions.

While alluding to unfair practices the talk show host said, “We do know that John Samuels was asked to remove himself from the PSC Board, and we do know Mr. Kye Rymer and we do know, Ms. Smith and Mr. O’Neal what they faced when it was announced and so what we want to see now is what will happen.”

He pointed out, “We will have the Speech from the Throne on Thursday would the existing Speaker, someone who I happen to like personally…will she be allowed to sit in this place with this kind of announcement. With the meetings being had, the confirmation being had. If this news reporting is correct and our offline sources tell us that it is what becomes of that?”

“If we’re going to deal with the whole issue of governance and if we’re going to have a level playing field throughout then we are calling upon the persons, the fiduciaries responsible for this. I am saddened, I am saddened by what I see happening with our Territory this is just too much,” Skelton-Cline added.