Ndp & Vip Are The Cause Of Our Problems: Conrad Maduro Says


Mr. Conrad Maduro, Leader of the United Party announced last week that the NDP and VIP are the cause of the Territory’s problems and that the only solution is to get rid of both.

During a ZBVI radio broadcast the United Party founder announced that things are not rosy with the Territory, and opined that the solution is political cleaning. In pinpointing the issues, he stated: “As it now stands, the Virgin Islands are being converted into a haven or playground for the rich, while at the same time due to poor or bad economy Virgin Islanders and others due to poverty are being forced out on the way to extinction. The facts are there to verify this and one of the very proofs of this is the sale of property by the banks.”

Mr. Maduro heaped criticisms on the two main parties for the perceived situation of the BVI, and he announced that the problem was borne from bad management: “All because of lack of vision and bad administration on the part of the government, and both political parties namely the Virgin Islands Party and the National Democratic Party are blaming each other. The fact that they are blaming each other is evident that the wrong or evil has been done; and they both are guilty of bad administration of government, which causes a need for good government; and the need to change them both,” he declared.

The former legislator and minister scoffed at the two parties styles, and even criticised their slogans which he says demonstrate a superiority complex: “They are the cause of the problems and if both are not removed there will be no solution to our problems among which are our economy, political and social problems.These two parties have bridled themselves to believe they are superior as is expressed in their very mottos — Forward Ever Backwards Never; and We Are On The Right Course And Will Not Turn Back,” Mr. Maduro announced.