Ndp Repeating Old Mistakes, Vip Not a Good Option Says Pep Pro


Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the People’s Empowerment Party (PEP), Lorie Rhymer announced that his Party is the best option for the Territory; and made comparisons between the other two political parties to support his point.

During the 23 February broadcast of the PEP radio Program, Mr. Rhymer compared the two parties by examining their faults.

As it relates to the main Opposition Party, VIP, Mr. Rhymer said the past 2007-2011 term could be used as an indication that the Party is not a good option. “If we look at the way that the Virgin Islands Party government ran amok during their last four years – 2007 to 2011, it is clear that they are not now able to come back to manage the affairs of the country,” he said.

The PEP PRO had a lot more to say about the incumbent National Democratic Party (NDP). In making his points about the NDP, Mr. Rhymer announced: “It’s very important to know that, when the NDP lost a few years ago, they said: ‘Well we were not listening to the people and that, should we ever be elected again, we would do differently, but they have not done differently. They have done the same thing.”

He further added: “They are on the wrong track. They are following and listening to the people on the outer islands like the Oil Nut Bay and so on and so forth. That is a very bad thing…I think that it is clear that the NDP Government is full speed ahead…They are on the wrong track in many instances. So, if you are on the wrong track and you are running a race, you might get there first but if you are on the wrong track, you will remain in the wrong place.”

“I think that the NDP now is unable to explain a number of the things that they have in hand; they cannot explain anything. They have great difficulty in that, and so I believe we are going to have a very bad result. Take for example the cruise ship pier project. We are going to get a very bad result there because they are unable to explain it,” Mr. Rhymer further stated.

On the other hand, he announced that his Party is the better choice between the two other Parties: “The People’s Empowerment Party would be the right people to run this country. The People’s Empowerment Party is the true alternative to the NDP administration; there is no question about that at all. We want to listen to the people of the Virgin Islands. We want to listen to the little man to help with his problem to sort out his financial affairs, that’s what we want to do.”