NDP Presents 11 Candidates


Except for Districts 1 and 2, the National Democratic Party (NDP) has presented all of the candidates that would be contesting this year’s general elections under its banner. The grand unveling of 11 NDP candidates took place on 5 January at ‘Maria’s by the Sea conference room.

The slate of candidates includes Party Chairman and incumbent At Large representative Hon. Myron Walwyn, Party Vice Chair and incumbent Eight District representative Hon. Marlon Penn, District Three candidate Aaron Parillon, incumbent Fourth District Representative, Hon. Mark Vanterpool, District Five candidate Elvis “Juggy” Harrigan, incumbent Sixth District Representative, Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines, Seventh District candidate Hipolito Diego, and incumbent Ninth District Representative Dr Hubert O’Neal.  Additionally the team includes the three At Large candidates Trefor Grant, Sandy Underhill, and Henry Creque.

Hon. Walwyn said that the candidates who are running under the NDP banner support the Party’s declaration of service and see it as a necessary step towards increasing transparency which he said is a cornerstone of modern 21st century governance.

While referring to the slate of candidates as the ‘awesome team NDP 2019’ Hon. Walwyn  said that the NDP has an inclusive approach to politics, respect for democracy and will promote good governance. He said that the NDP plans to deliver visionary governance that is people centered.

The launch event was well attended by NDP supporters, family and friends and Hon. Walwyn used the forum to urge them to stay with the Party. “We ask you to stay with us, hold us up in prayers because the devil is busy. Hold us accountable so that together we can truly make life better for all those persons who call these shores home,” he said.

Premier Smith to Advise NDP

The Party Chairman announced that should the National Democratic Party win the next general elections currently serving Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith will be called upon to advise the next NDP government.

In lauding Hon. Smith’s contributions Hon. Walwyn declared: “Premier you don’t mind the noise, you are the father of the modern British Virgin Islands and your record speaks for itself. You have dedicated your life to these Virgin Islands first in the medical field and then in politics and you have done your bes: the results are there. You can depend on this new NDP to carry on what you have started.”

Furthermore, Hon. Walwyn said that the NDP will change tradition in the way former Party leaders are treated after retirement. “Very often when a political leader in the Virgin Islands demits office, the person is cast aside and no longer useful to the party in which they started. That is going to change because I will have you as an advisor, Premier,” he said.

“I know you know your job very well. There are going to be some very difficult periods that we going to need people who understand things, who know things, and who will calm me down,” the NDP Chairman announced.