Ndp Plans Garbage Transfer Depots On Anegada & Virgin Gorda


Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie Skelton says that once re-elected the Government will commence building garbage transfer centers on the sister islands of Anegada and Virgin Gorda.

Hon. Skelton’s statement was made on 7 May during the declaration meeting for NDP First District Candidate, Shaina Smith. In response to a question from a resident Hon. Skelton announced that the garbage disposal plan for the sister islands was part of a comprehensive raw garbage disposal initiative that the Government came up with.

“It involved building a transfer station on all of those islands, we accomplished the one in Jost Van Dyke, we were supposed to build one and we are going to build one when we come back in Virgin Gorda and one in Anegada,” Hon. Skelton stated. He explained that by building the two transfer stations the garbage from those two islands will be transferred to the incinerator.

Hon. Skelton also explained that there is a problem at the incinerator where a scrubber needs to be installed. The Minister said that the capacity at the incinerator needs to be increased.  “It was our intention when we first placed the order for the incinerator, we did not install it for both incinerators to be operational, so we had a 100 ton a day new incinerator and we had a 60 ton a day old incinerator. We were hoping that both incinerators would be operational. It so happen that the old incinerator, to make it efficient, has caused just as much money to replace it; so we are faced with that issue where we need to replace the old incinerator to accommodate all of the transfer garbage from the other islands,” Hon. Skelton explained.

He also added that although the Territory is small, it does produce a lot of garbage, and the Minister mentioned that the amount of garbage is growing rapidly; and he said that the issue will be addressed in Government’s next term.