“Ndp Hurt You The People”, Hon Fraser Says

Hon Fraser

Hon Fraser

“I call that wickedness,” Virgin Islands Party Chair and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser announced as he reported that Districts represented by Opposition members were badly neglected during this NDP administration.

Hon. Fraser, while addressing his constituents on 23 May, stated that the people were made to painfully suffer during the last three years: “They have decided to punish Andrew Fahie — Representative for the First District; Alvin Christopher — Representative for the Second District; and I (Julian Fraser — Representative for the Third District) just because we were not NDP’s…The NDP did not spite me, they did not spite Fahie, and neither did they spite Christopher. What the NDP did for sure, they hurt you the people of the Third District, as well as the people of Districts One and Two,” he declared.

The Third District Representative went on to say: “Hurting 12,000 people just to spite three who were duly elected by the people.  In other words, you were punished for not voting NDP. Now after doing nothing for three and a half years, here they are in the last three-and-a-half weeks trying to fool you with the bribe of a flurry of work. Just like the absentee Dad, who is nowhere around all year round, and ups come Christmas day he shows up with a brand new bike for his son; and to his son, he is the greatest dad.”

Hon. Fraser also noted his accomplishments during the last three and a half years and noted some of his future plans for the District. “Immediately upon taking office under a Virgin Islands Party Government, focus will be placed on the restarting of the Nibbs Estate sub-division, in order to empower those young people with ownership of their land.”

The District Representative mentioned the Valerie Thomas Community Centre where his meeting was being held and announced: “This community Center is no longer a functional facility, and must be modernized to keep up with the times, and it may become necessary to do something radical with it.”


A number of other works which the Representative deemed necessary were also mentioned. These works included the overhauling of the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School; which Hon. Fraser stated needed to be improved in order to accommodate students for 21st century learning.

Some of the other proposed District projects included improved Sage Mountain road works and repairs to Ellis Thomas Downs. “I will be making a concerted effort to create a recreation ground with a running track for the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School, one which all schools in the District can utilize…”

“The basketball court in Albion is long overdue for a covering and some form of seating, which is something I observed very early on in this term, but the NDP refused to help. And again, the people got hurt. I will immediately move to have the Sage Mountain road widened and repaired in conformity with the plans of the last VIP administration. The Derelict Vehicle Dump site will be relocated. The Grandstand at Ellis Thomas Downs will be repaired, the track running surface will be replaced, and the stables repaired. In short, Horse Racing will once again become our number one sport,” he added.

Hon. Fraser mentioned his Save the Seed National Basketball League and announced that he intended to continue the initiative. In fact, he listed the League, which is a collaboration between the District Representative and Bishop John Cline as one of his accomplishments during this term. He also noted that during this term he was able to report to his constituents every six months.