NDP Chairman Looks At The Future


After losing Monday’s general elections Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Hon. Myron V. Walwyn said that this will be a period of introspection for the National Democratic Party.

Following an intense campaign period, the National Democratic Party which served for two consecutive terms (2011 to 2019) only picked up three seats, with even the Chairman and At Large Candidate Hon. Myron V. Walwyn attracting 3,335 votes and reaching a respectable 5th position, but falling short of crucial votes required to place him in one of the top four positions.

On Tuesday Hon. Walwyn congratulated the new Premier on his impressive victory at the polls. He also took that opportunity to mention matters of interest to the Territory.

The NDP Chairman in recalling the conversation during a ZBVI interview said: “I called him this morning and offered my congratulations to him. I spoke to him about the important work that has to be done for the country, and I wished him all the best in doing it. I asked him and his team to be as diligent as possible, because the country is really at a very fragile point and it is important that whoever the government is that they succeed. I wish them all the best.”

In acknowledging the fact that he was unable to retain his seat, the former At Large Representative said that he is grateful for the opportunity that he was given to serve the Territory and he thanked the people for their support.

“I want to thank the people of the Virgin Islands very much who has allowed me to serve these eight years. It was certainly an honor to serve. I gave of my best and I thank them very much.”

As it relates to the future of the National Democratic Party, the ever popular Walwyn explained that it is a matter now of going back to the drawing board: “I want to thank the good people for the support given to the National Democratic Party. We are going to go back and do some introspection, see what the results are saying to us, go back and do what we need to do to build our Party stronger to be there as a viable alternative to the government.”

In analyzing the results of the recently concluded elections the NDP Chairman said that the BVI community wanted a change. He said that this was the resounding message the voters expressed.

Nonetheless he said that the NDP would be going to the drawing board to review the poll results: “The people clearly wanted change and there are other factors of course that we would have to look into. We need to look a bit closer to see what the numbers are saying to us, but certainly the people wanted change; and we heard that throughout the country and this manifested itself in the results and we have to respect that.”

The NDP Chairman said that he believes that the fracture and later split of the National Democratic Party contributed to the defeat it sustained on Monday: “My early analysis of the numbers indicated, yes, it was a major contributing factor. I am sure there are other factors, but certainly that was one of them I believe.”

Additionally, Chairman Walwyn said that the previous realization that the Party was not efficient in its communicating is also a suspected reason: “I think what contributed was communication and you have heard me speak in the House of Assembly about our Party not communicating as effectively as it needed to and that’s one of the lessons that we have to learn.”

“When things happen, when things don’t go right, you have to come out and explain to the public what took place. If you don’t do that then rumors are going to fly and after they circulate sufficiently it’s hard for persons to accept what you come back and say after. That was one of the challenges of the Party.”

As it relates to the NDP he said: “We have to go back and do some introspection, take a look at ourselves and see how we are going to do a lot better.”

He also congratulated the members that would be making up the Opposition and urged them to speak with one voice: “The work of the opposition is very important. I hope that the three parties that are on the opposition will put whatever political differences that they have aside and be a good watch for the people of the country.”

When asked what are his plans for the future, Mr. Walwyn said that he will stay true to who he is and has always been. “Myron will continue to be Myron, the thing is I have always been somebody who is involved in the community, somebody who you see on a regular basis that is not going to change that is just who I am. I am going to continue to do whatever I can.”

“I will keep my eyes very closely on what is happening. I am going to be a good citizen of the Virgin Islands. I encourage other persons as well in the community to also be good citizens to pay attention to what is happening in the country; and do our utmost to keep the government as accountable as possible to the people. I am still the Chairman of the National Democratic Party and we are going to go back and build our party better and stronger and I’ll see the people perhaps in four years,” Chairman Walwyn added.