NDP Candidate Shaina Smith makes Suggestions about solving 1st District Problems


First District Candidate for the National Democratic Party (NDP), Shaina Smith during a meeting on 7 May complained about certain areas of the District that have not been attended to and made suggestions about correcting the situation.

In her first address to the community since her candidacy was declared, Ms. Smith announced: “I see part of my responsibility as a District Representative to monitor those types of things (area needing attention) because it is something where the Ministers can’t get around to everything.”

She said that she has taken notes of areas needing urgent attention and will work to get the areas fixed. “Over the last month I have driven around, and looked at the basketball court, I remember when this court opened – it was the pride and joy of the District; and looking at it now I am very disappointed…Walking in the park the other day I saw some issues.”

Ms. Smith suggested that the situation could be better managed if someone was hired with specific responsibility of overseeing facilities in the Districts. “Even if it has to be a paid position just like in the States you have park wardens, somebody who is responsible for coming into the parks checking to ensure there is no trash, the issues with the lights, the bathrooms, all of the issues; those are things that they report in real time, so that the issues are corrected.”

In listing her distress about the current state of the park, the First District Candidate said: “Some of the concerns that I have seen in the park are hazards to children, and if we are going to have this facility for our children to be out there playing we have to make sure that it is safe.”

Ms. Smith also noted that some other facilities in the District need attention as well: “Looking at the community centers here in West End — Carrot Bay has a lot of issues. I saw a list of repairs that we have the contractor to bring in…It is very disappointing that things are allowed to run this far.”

She explained that the District Representative, is a big part of the solution: “You have to put plans in place, a big part of that plan is that your representative should see themselves as an agent of change. They are supposed to be out there with an eye on the ball, keeping things on the table; don’t let it fall off and then later on looking to blame somebody for it. It is part of our job as it is,” the candidate stated.