NDP And PVIM Deemed Twins By Hon. Fahie


First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie announced during a press conference on 7 January that the National Democratic Party (NDP), and the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) represent the ideals of one party.

The former Leader of the Opposition alleged that at the moment the ruling party and the main opposition party are proverbially cut from the same cloth. “What we are witnessing in real time is a desperate squabble among allies to see which side can get the biggest share of their loot,” Hon. Fahie declared.

In making his case that the two parties are quite similar Hon. Fahie who is the Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) declared: “The original NDP Government colors were red and blue. Now NDP one has kept the red and NDP two is the blue but both of them are now trying to fool you the people of the Virgin Islands.”

Hon. Fahie referred to the Motion of No Confidence that he brought on the government and stated that none of the former government members who are currently with the PVIM supported the move. Therefore, Hon. Fahie called on the residents to remember this when they go to the polls:

While continuing to allege that both the NDP and PVIM are the same Hon. Fahie said: “The blue NDP members and the red NDP members are equally responsible for the current hardships in the society, the botched recovery efforts and the rampant corruption in the land. Based on answers to questions in the House of Assembly; based on events that are now unfolding – I can safely state that I have been fully vindicated when I proclaimed years ago that “this is the most corrupt government in the history of the Virgin Islands. I will go out on a limb to say that in my opinion, they all must be equally punished by the electorate of this Territory.”

“We come here not just in condemnation of hurricane NDP, but with the announcement that we have developed a progressive platform for change and renewal, that we will unveil in various parts during the coming weeks…I also seek to bring clarity in a time of political confusion manufactured by the twin-headed NDP – those that are clinging on to power; and the three hitching their wagons, playing opposition to a regime they help to create in their own image and likeness, but the wider population shall not fall for that.  And the VIP will not stand for that,” he added.