Ndp Accuses Vip Of Divisiveness


The National Democratic Party (NDP) on Monday accused the opposing Virgin Islands Party (VIP) of creating hostility in the Territory.

In a 9 February NDP Drive Time statement the NDP struck down the repeated ’99 versus one percent’, and the big man little man comment that the Opposition continues to make.

In its response to the percentage reference the statement said: “The National Democratic Party does not believe in the one percent against the ninety nine (99) percent, nor the big man against the little man, these are all divisive strategies for those who seek power. We believe in the hundred (100) percent. We believe in an economy where individuals, businesses, and Government are working together to create economic growth. We believe in one Virgin Islands. A strong, united Virgin Islands.”

In refuting what the Party described as divisive comments, the NDP explained why the VIP’s view were ‘divisive’ and stated that an examination of the Territory’s economy will show that while more and more Virgin Islanders own businesses, the majority of the businesses are owned by international investors.

It was stated that these investor businesses created jobs and the support services that led to an increase in the BVI population and business opportunities. “Further examination of our economy reveals that the majority of the businesses that provide the support services in our economy are owned by us, the local investors,” the NDP announced.

“What we have here is a set of complex relationships between international and local investors, multinational and local workers, working for the advancement of our country and for the benefit of us all. We need these relationships to work harmoniously for the continued growth and development of our country,” the NDP added.

After showing the relationship between the economy and investment, the NDP criticized the VIP comment and questioned whether they should become leaders of the Territory: “Fellow Virgin Islanders, do we want leadership that is creating  hostility in these relationships?”

“Can we afford leadership that is creating hostility between the international and local investor?  Can we afford leadership that is creating hostility between the multinational and local worker? Can we afford leadership that is creating hostility between people who are providing jobs and people who need jobs? Can we afford leadership that is creating an artificial division between the so-called 1 percent and 99 percent? My fellow Virgin Islanders, the answer is absolutely no,” the Party stated.