Wednesday, March 19 – Accumulated items, including mattresses, lumber, buckets and food containers, were compacted in 26-cubic yard garbage truck and hauled away last week from the unfinished building adjacent to the Riteway Supermarket and the LIME Building on Flemming Street.

This was one of the first challenges for the new Road Town Neighbourhood Officer Curtis Roberts as he does his part to create a safer and more sanitary Road Town.

Head the Community Safety Department Sergeant Tilda Henry noted that the immediate need to stop the gathering of individuals in the abandoned structure brought about the first meeting last week with City Manager Mrs. Janice Braithwaite-Edwards along with officers from the Mental Health, Solid Waste and Social Development Departments after reports of fights resulted in injuries to persons inhabiting the premises.

“We know for years that individuals have used the building for shelter particularly at night. Since it is open and accessible, these individuals have become territorial and fights break out on occasion when newcomers decide to take up residence,” Sergeant Henry said.

The Sergeant noted that the area had not only become unsightly but unsanitary and unsafe even to those who may walk unexpectedly in the area.

After the inhabitants were first warned, officers of Community Safety Department and Task Force gathered before sunrise to provide security as the men from Wickham’s Cay Development and Solid Waste Department removed the accumulated items.

As day broke, many persons on their way to work stopped to view the last bits of items being hauled off from unfinished building and offered their gratitude to those who removed the accumulated debris. Fire and Rescue Services then join in the clean up by washing the remains from the building,