At Large Representative, Hon. Archibald Christian says that he is very supportive of the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) Scheme because he anticipates that it will be an immediate ease to the financial burden government now has in assisting persons with their medical bills.

During the budget debate on 11 February the Legislator stated that most seriously injured or ill persons end up at Peebles Hospital and from there the expense is incurred when they are sent overseas.

I am yet to see the person that was seriously injured or had a medical situation where they were able to bypass Peebles Hospital and get out of the Territory. Unless they had the means by their own private vessel or helicopter, plane or whatever, and were taken to another facility elsewhere; but it is almost guaranteed that almost every person who has to receive medical attention overseas has to pass through Peebles Hospital. And Madam Speaker, a lot of times when that happens it poses a financial burden on this country, and those bills will have to be paid eventually,” the Legislator stated.

The At Large Representative stated that with that he supports the National Health Insurance Scheme because it would remove that medical bill burden from the tax payers immediately. With NHI, Hon. Christian explained that the money for medical bills will be routed through a system that allows for the medical expertise to be sourced overseas or here, and for the repayment to be made over a period of time or in a timely way.

He added: “Once you present your insurance card you can basically guarantee that you will receive medical attention. So for those who may still be wrestling with the idea that National Health Insurance is going to cost me to have to spend more money, for what it is worth that 8.75 percent, the employee will be paying roughly half of that and the employer paying the other half. It’s a good investment and I believe that overtime people will begin to realize that it is similar to Social Security.”

The At Large Representative opined that NHI will provide a means for the public to be able to access health care services that possibly weren’t available before, because they were too expensive.