Nanny Cay unveils Plans for New Expansion


Nanny Cay intends to expand, and has now shared their vision for the development with the residents of the Third District on July 23 during a public meeting.

The plan gave residents in attendance a vivid idea of the proposed modifications for the Nanny Cay Resort and Marina that takes into account commercial, residential, recreational, and marina developments.

Cameron McColl, Principal Shareholder of Nanny Cay disclosed that the expansion will create an economic boost in the Third District as an estimated 100 jobs will be created through the project. He stated that works are scheduled to start in late September and be completed within 12 months, in time for a major event on Nanny Cay’s calendar.

Chief Planner Mr. Gregory Adams of the Town and Country Planning Department, and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser were also in attendance.