Myron Walwyn is the Most Hardworking Minister: Survey


A post-hurricane survey conducted by the Caribbean Development Research Services Inc. (CADRES) between February and March has found that voters of the British Virgin Islands rate Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn as the most hardworking Minister of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Government. Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering was voted the least hardworking.

In the findings dated 29 March CADRES reported that the recent poll of public opinion focused on the performance of government in various sectors. It was explained that respondents were asked to rate government’s performance in sectors on a scale ranging from “1” representing the lowest or worse performance and “10” representing the highest or best performance.

The regional political research company noted that the opinions were presented from the perspective of party support and demonstrated that the population is most impressed with the Government’s performance in Education and Tourism, while the lowest levels of satisfaction relate to Crime and Agriculture.

Regarding the findings on Ministerial performance CADRES said that it was demonstrated that Minister Walwyn has the highest ratings, while Minister Pickering has the lowest. “In this regard it is noteworthy that respondents seemed to offer higher scores for Minister than the sector, in some instances suggesting that there might be some opportunity to discuss factors that have mitigated against the performance of various sectors,” the report pointed out.

There were mixed reviews on government performance post Irma. In fact CADRES said that voters were specifically asked about government performance on the Hurricane Recovery front and it was noted that only NDP supporters had given the government a passing grade, while the other cohorts have expressed concern in their rating.

“The opinion of ‘Uncertain Voters’ is particularly noteworthy here since these people do have a political alignment and can often be relied upon to be more frank in their assessment,” the report wisely pointed out.