Mrs. BVI Places In Top 20 At Mrs. Globe Pageant

Photo by Delories Couceiro

Photo by Delories Couceiro

Mrs. British Virgin Islands, Shevone Findlay returned to the Territory this week with a high sense of accomplishment.  She spent the last two weeks in Shenzhen China representing the BVI at the Mrs. Globe Pageant, where the finals were held in Shenzhen, China on Saturday, December 6.

The prestigious Mrs. Globe is the largest international pageant for Mrs. in the world and the largest charitable event for the Women In Need (WIN) Foundation, a non-profit outreach that specialises in abuse and self-esteem recovery.  Sixty countries participated from over the globe.  The women presented themselves in personality profile, swimwear and evening gown of their choice.  There was a cultural segment where each delegate showcased their country’s cultural dress.

Mrs. BVI was featured well and was favored among the delegates for her enthusiasm, personality and vigor.  She was commended several times for how she marketed her country through dress, her talent and dialogue with everyone, and on stage.

Through her very interesting story which she carried through the event, she will always berecognised and remembered at the Mrs. Globe pageant for having six children with such a well maintained figure.  The 19th annual Mrs. Globe pageant saw BVI as a highlight among the 60 other contenders as it was themed “The Year of the Beauties”.

Shevone was excited to represent the BVI and left quite an impression on the other contestants, the staff and the organisation.

She was selected to participate in most of the initiatives and networking events. Furthermore, she was selected among seven to perform at the Shen Senior Center, at a special event held in their honor of the seniors.

Shevone was nominated in five award categories:  Women of the Year, Most Creative, Children Advocate, Children Mentor and Best Mama Body.  She, of course, walked away with the Best Mama Body award.

On finals night, Mrs. BVI made semi-finals round securing a place in the top 30.  Overall she placed 20th in the competition of 60 women worldwide.  This was the highlight and is one of the greatest accomplishments for BVI competing in such an event on an international level.

Recounting her experience when BVI was called as a semi-finalist, Shevone stated, “I could not believe out of sixty. I was really proud.” Shevone expressed her thanks to the Mrs. Globe Organisation and the BVI for their support in making this a reality for her.

The Mrs. BVI Lifestyle Challenge Director, Ms. Alicia Green, stated “I am very proud of our delegate, Shevone, as she represented well and did an excellent job putting BVI back in play after 14 plus years of not participating.  The caliber of ladies at this international event pays homage to women’s empowerment and how we can help to lend a hand worldwide through our personal and cultural involvement.”  The thing is it was not so much about what you wear, but how you presented yourself and mostly personality.

She added, “On behalf of the committee we are actually happy that we are able to open this opportunity to women and we are currently soliciting for our next representative for 2016.  If you have a good story to tell and want to be involved in this platform to empower women through giving, then feel free to contact us at”

The Director expressed special thanks to their donors and sponsors who made this happen at the final moment.  These include Speedy’s, Heidi Schumann, Rock Café, Roadtown Wholesale, Germaine Smith of One Stop Mall, Nagico, Flax Craft, Beautiful by Jasanay, Makeup magic by Danni and the private donations received through their supporters.  Thanks to BVI Finance and BVI Tourist Board for contributing the trinkets which were greatly appreciated by the delegates, staff and local organisers.