Mourners Bid Farewell To Great Community Leader Mose Malone



A service in memory of a much loved community pillar was held on 14 January at the Road Town Methodist Church for the late Randolph Waltimore “Mose” Malone who departed this life on 26 December 2016.

Affectionately known as ‘Mose’ or ‘Lodging”, Mr. Malone was born on 17 January 1927. He was one of seven children that were born to Jestina and Albert Malone. He received his early education on Tortola but with the limited opportunities in the BVI at the time he decided to seek a living by traveling to St Thomas where he lived from 1939 to 1950.

During his time Mose made the most of his opportunities and was active in the economic, social, and political life of St Thomas. He worked for a number of important companies. From his employment at these companies he gained a wealth of knowledge which would prove immeasurably useful in his later business ventures.

While in St Thomas he joined the Democratic Party, and associated himself with well-known political figures of the day such as Earle B Ottley, Oswald ‘Skinny’ Harris, Omar Brown, Carlos Downing, and others. Mose was also a sporting enthusiast and joined the Savan Sporting Club with which he played softball.

Mr. Malone’s exposure in St Thomas helped him to develop a practical vision for political advancement in the British Virgin Islands. Upon his return home, due to his mom’s illness, he became acquainted with the late A. D. Watts and met and became friends with the young H. Lavity Stoutt whom he admired for his desire and drive to become a leader in his country.

His ideas were discussed with Lavity and a number of friends and they soon found that they had a shared vision for the Territory. On 2 March, 1971 with the Hon. H. Lavity Stoutt as Chairman, Randolph “Mose” Malone as President, Naomi Turbull as General Secretary, Terrence B Lettsome, Joseph Skelton, Eurman Fahie, Donald Pickering and Leopold Smith the charter document and the Constitution of the Virgin Islands Party was signed and the rest is history.

Mr. Malone further used his experience from his time in St Thomas and collaborated with Archibald “Kong” Braithwaite and Gaston Penn was instrumental in introducing softball to the BVI as it has since become the national sport of the Territory.

Politics and sports were merely pastime activities. Mose Malone was best able to draw from his USVI experience in the field of employment and ultimately in business.

He was employed at the Public Works Department as a truck operator. It was while working in Fat Hogs Bay that he found his late wife Ruth Malone

In 1962 Mose invested in a hand-held cement block machine which he set up and operated on family-owned land in Road Town and later incorporated what we know as the Virgin Islands Blocks Company.

It is safe to conclude that Randolph Mose Malone’s generosity and wealth of knowledge extended well beyond his family to include not only local but also foreign investors and the entire BVI community. He has assisted countless persons in building and owning their homes and businesses and has supported the community with his time advice and resources.

The late Randolph Waltimore “Mose” Malone is survived by his Sons – Carvin Malone, Meade Malone, Guy “General” Malone, Keith “88” Malone, and Arden Malone; Daughters-Jane Malone-Ricketts, and Jacqueline Malone-Hodge, Son-in-Law — Direao Ricketts; Daughters-in-Law—Julie Todman Malone, Pernis Malone, Sandra Walters-Malone, Wandame Malone, Annabelle “Hillary” Skelton-Malone, and Tiffany Malone; Adopted Daughters—Jennifer Sanchez-Malone, Shirlene Brookes, Marita Flax-Headley, and Barbara McDonald; Adopted Son – Kedrick Malone, James Todman, and Frank Smith; Brother—Harold Malone; Sisters—Ione Malone-Yearwood, and Cynthia Malone Warrell; 13 granddaughter, ten grandsons; one great grandson, six great granddaughters, and many other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.

The publishers, management and staff of The Island Sun newspaper expresses sincerest condolences to the relatives and friends of the late Randolph Waltimore “Mose” Malone.