Motor-Cycle Owners Must Register & Get Licence: Minister Says


Minister for Transportation, Works, and Utilities Hon. Kye Rymer said that he is disappointed that many of the scooter riders and motor-cyclists did not opt to take advantage of the licence and registration initiative that his Ministry organized.

The initiative was one of the efforts the Department made to regularise unregistered and unlicensed drivers. However, the disappointing news that there were few takers was relayed to the House of Assembly on 22 June during the Other Business segment. “We put an initiative out there for persons to have their motorcycle registered and even the riders to get their M license – Mr. Speaker to date only 10 persons showed up to get regularised.”

Considering that the public has been clamouring for action to be taken to improve how motor-cyclists use the public road, the Minister said that he wants the riders to take advantage of the initiatives “Mr. Speaker I want to plead to the motoring public, the motorcycling public for those persons who are not legal; I’m asking you to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles and get yourself sorted out. Just yesterday I saw in the news where another young man was in a serious accident. I’m not sure if he was wearing a helmet or not but Mr. Speaker we have to make sure that we practice safety. Wear your protective gear, wear your helmet.”

“Mr. Speaker I implore those persons to visit the Department. I also want to acknowledge at this moment McMaster Rentals who donated a motorcycle for an entire month …at At no charge. Mr. Speaker I know a lot of persons in the community – they are riding a motor-cycle but the bike is not licenced they are probably unable to get it licensed without that M endorsement …We are making as much preparation for the motoring public as possible and I encourage all to visit the Department of DMV to get your motorcycle licenced and do the written exam and do your motor skills test so that you can be legal on the roadway…Help us to help you,” the Minister pleaded.

The Minister in further urging the riders to utilize the initiative further pleaded: “I ask that persons take this opportunity to visit the Department and get legal. Safe riding saves lives – that includes your safety apparatus, your helmet. That is the law…You need to have a vehicle that is licensed. You can’t just jump on a bike and ride you have to make sure that it is insured.”